Tuesday, April 4, 2017


April 2, 2017

Statement From Council Member Andy King Regarding FDNY’s New Anti-Hazing Policy
“The FDNY’s decision to overhauled its anti-hazing policy to bring about stricter disciplinary actions
to those who inflict acts of hazing on their fellow firefighters is commendable. I want to thank Fire
Commissioner Daniel Nigro for hearing the concerns of the New York City community and taking
quick action to put a new policy in place. I hope the new policy will be followed throughout our city’s
fire stations immediately. Although I have not seen the new five-page policy, I want to applaud the
New York Post for doing its due diligence in bringing this under reported news to light in its Sunday
article “FDNY quietly issues tougher anti-hazing policy against abuse claims”


I appreciate the serious reporting done by the New York Post staff that will now allow more light to be
shined on this new policy. This reporting helped to put pressure on the FDNY to address a
longstanding problem within its ranks, which I called attention to at a press conference in February in
Brooklyn with members of The Vulcan Society, United Women’s Firefighters and attorneys of victims.
And, it sends a message to the entire force that this behavior is unacceptable at best and at worst,