Monday, March 27, 2017


Statement From Council Member Andy King Regarding the Quitting of Officer Richard Haste Upon News of His Recommendation for Termination  

"After five years it has come to this?  While I thank Judge Maldonado and the NYPD professionals involved in the administrative trial that led to the guilty conviction of Richard Haste, I can't say that I'm pleased Richard Haste was allowed to leave on his own terms instead of formally being fired by the Department.  This is someone unfit for this line of work and I am pleased that he will no longer wear a badge and his violation of department policies has been publicly established.  In the same breath, I will not say that I feel that justice has been served. Someone has yet to be held accountable for the murder of one of New York's children. Richard Haste was not the only officer involved in this killing. When will the trials for Sergeants Morris or McLoughlin start? We are still waiting," said Council Member Andy King, who represents the 12th Council District where teenager Ramarley Graham lived and was killed.