Friday, March 29, 2013

KIng Holds Town Hall Meeting

   Yesterday, March 28th 2013, signified a day of true commitment in the work that Council Member Andy King is and would like to continue to do for the 12th District of the Bronx. He pledged and proved to keep his community residents informed and engaged by bringing city and state political issues to them. He is also an advocate for seeing that those in government be held accountable for their actions, including himself. This Town-Hall Meeting was really to educate us on who our elected officials are, what their responsibilities are, and how our community is affected by their decisions.
   CM King made sure that he covered all grounds when it came to the panel of elected officials who attended this town hall event, Congressman Eliot Engel, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Fellow Council Members Letitia James & James Vacca. Because the event was held in the Dreiser Loop Auditorium in Co-op City, Board Members of River Bay Cooperative Management Team were invited to sit on the panel with our elected officials.
   Concerned constituents from all over the 12th District turned out to hear, ask questions, and just take in any and all information that was given.

   Council Member King stated even though there was not enough time for Q&A as he would liked it to be, he confirmed that his office as well as his colleagues offices have an open-door policy for all constituents. "We are here to serve the people of NYC, and to try to make a better life for all; nothing can be fixed over night but when we work together we can fight the good fight that will get the job done!"—CM KING
   I see a long and bright future for Council Member King as long as he keeps the well being of the "people first" and hold everyone accountable for their actions. And if this is so then our elected official will go on to do great things! —CHL