Saturday, February 2, 2013

Street Hype Power Breakfast

A Breakfast Of Power


Street Hype News held a power breakfast this past month, January 23, 2013. It was a cozy breakfast, members of the 12th District business community as well as residents of the 12th showed up. Several rep's came out to join the power breakfast, some of those in attendants were Danielle Jones from State Comptroller Dinapoli's office, to the newly elected 12th District City Council Member Andy L. King. The breakfast was held based on the concerns of the business owners and residents of the community.

Prominent members of the community expressed that they want to come up with a plan to try to move our district in the right direction and to be successful at the same time. Council Member King gave a brief run-down on what his office has been doing, and his plans for moving us forward. I think the 12th District is ready to do some major work in rebuilding their community and with the theme of moving forward things are looking a little bit better for us here in the Northeast Bronx.