Thursday, February 28, 2013


Council Member Andy King Joins fellow Council Member Ruben Wills with other Council Members To Stop The Violence

JAMAICA, NEW YORK – February 26, 2013 On Wednesday, February 27th 2013 Council Member Ruben Wills will hold a 10am press
conference on the steps of City Hall to announce his groundbreaking legislation to establish a “Community Violence Prevention Act” due to
the prevalence of violent crimes in New York City.

Ruben Wills stated “I have introduced legislation to combat the proliferation of violent crimes decimating our community. The socioeconomic
impact of violence is costly. Families are fearful that simply sending their children out to play could result in harm, if not death. It’s time to
make common sense legislation to reduce this senseless violence and make tragedies like these less possible.” The Community Violence
Prevention Act, is co-sponsored by Council Members Comrie, Ferraras, King, Reyna, Williams, and Ulrich, as well as supported by Steven Banks
of the Legal Aid Society, I LOVE MY LIFE Foundation, and the Million Mom March. Additionally, we will be joined by representatives of
student leadership from the City University of New York, Roman Charnolusky, Steve Campbell, Anthony Blake and Mark Melendez.

“This is an idea worthy of serious consideration. Rather than look at the problems in any community piecemeal, this idea would ensure that
different agencies and elected officials would come up with a comprehensive plan to prevent violence,” said Council Member Peter F. Vallone

Council member Andy King shared, “The Community Violence Prevention Act further enables your legislative leaders to start implementing
smart, targeted solutions to the growing epidemic of unwarranted violent behavior by our neighbors in all New York communities. In
particular, we can take measures to stem any correlations between youth and incidences of violence in our communities. Youth and violence
should not be synonymous. Therefore, when this legislation is passed, it will provide alternatives to criminal activity while stamping out the
root of behaviors which are subversive to the safety of our neighborhoods.”

This legislation designates the prevalence of violent crimes as a complete attack on normalcy. Violent crimes are costly; murders, rapes,
assaults, and robberies impose concrete economic costs on the victims who survive as well as the families of those who lose their lives, in the
loss of earnings and their physical and emotional tolls. Violent crimes impose large costs on communities through lower property values,
higher insurance premiums, and reduced investment in high-crime areas. This legislation will create a system by which city agencies and
social service organizations will be funded to address crime. A panel of experts will implement programing and monitor crime incidents in
New York City as well as make the necessary recommendations on the impact of violence on the community. The panel will activate a
dedicated funding stream provide intervention, community monitoring, and harm reductions programs.