Thursday, January 17, 2013

Open For Business

The 12th District Has A New Office...

Council Member King takes a picture with a group of high school students.
Tuesday January 15th, 2013 New York City Council Member Andy King and his staff along with the 12th District of the Bronx had their grand opening for the new NYC Council office in the 12th District. The office is located at 940 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx, NY 10467. The office opening was full community residents who came to show their support for the new Council Member and his staff.

Council Member King greets residents of the community.
"New hope was in the air" one resident said, "we are just glad to see the office is open and Mr. King and his staff are ready for business"... Council Member King made sure that the community understood that this office was for the residents of the 12th District and that he and his team was here to serve them, "we are here to represent the people of the 12th and to make sure that they have a voice that has been missing for so long", Council Member said.

Council Member King at his desk hard at work already