Thursday, December 20, 2012

Take Your Seat Councilman King...

You May Be Seated...

Newly Elected New York City Council Member Andy L. King Gets Sworn In.


Councilman-elect Andy King walking into the Chambers to be sworn-in, officially!
Tuesday, December 18th, 2012, in the chambers of City Hall in NYC, newly elected City Council Member Andy King was sworn-in in front of all his new colleagues, loving wife, family, friends and 12th District community residents. Councilman King has said time and time again this was never about a job but about the community and that he was not going down to City Hall alone but he was "taking the 12th District with him", and on the 18th of December, he did just that!

Councilman-elect Andy King being sworn-in by the City Clerk along side City Council Speaker
Christine Quinn and his granddaughter Kaitlyn.
Councilman Andy King being greeted, congratulated, and welcomed by his colleague Councilman Fernando Cabrera.
Mr. King, a life long resident of the 12th District of the Bronx has proven that hard work and dedication is everything. "A new day has come" Councilman King said proudly to those who wished him well, "I plan to work harder than ever to help not only the people of the 12th district, but to try to make positive changes for the City of New York along with my fellow Council Members". Councilman Andy King has officially been seated!

His 1st day on the job as a City Council Member!