Monday, October 15, 2012



We can tell many stories and give you many updates, but this one here touches home for Andy King and The King Team Family. Andy King has made several rounds in his community informing residents on things that are happening in the 12th District as well as in City Council, plus asking for their support to elect him as their next City Councilman to represent the people in 12th District of the Bronx.

In the meeting with the Gunther Ave Block Association, Mr. King speaks of being born and raised, all his life, in the 12th District and attending the local schools; he has never left his community. Mr. King shared what he has been doing and wants to continue to do for this community, the Northeast section of the Bronx.

While speaking to the members of the association, one member had a feeling of joy to see someone from her past doing good for themselves and who became a person who our children can learn from and look up to, Mr. Andy King. Mr. King had no idea that his 3rd grade teacher was part of the Gunther Ave Block Association or that he would end up in the same room as her over 30 years later.

The reunion was a tear-jerker for all, but for the two, it was really memorable and emotional. Mr. King said, "You can only dream of things like this; being reunited with someone who played a key part in your childhood, and it could only be God that moves you and leads you in this life... GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!"