Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Months To Go Until Election... Make A Difference!

Community Health Vote Update
Two Months To Go Until The Election:
It's Not Too Late to Make a Difference

While the deadline for submitting new or updated voter registrations to be
able to vote in the November 6th election in most states is not until October,
Early Voting will begin in some states before the end of this month. 

To find out the registration deadline in your state click here
To find out about early voting in your state click here.

I also want to again encourage you to have your
center participate in National Voter Registration Day
on September 25. On that day organizations and
volunteers across the country will engage their
communities to help register or re-register thousands
of voters ahead of various deadlines. National Voter
Registration Day is a great one-day activity that
any health center can leverage to help their community

So far we have reports
of over 7000 new or
updated registrations at
health centers across
the country, but have
only heard from a few
centers. To have your
health center's numbers
included in our national count, please take the time to
report your registration numbers to us online at http://www.

When an individual registers to vote at your health center,
or even if they are already registered, ask them to complete
our Pledge to Vote Form so we can send them election
reminders to encourage them to vote. Click here to download
and print your Pledge Forms.  By asking people to fill out
and turn in Pledge Forms, you will both encourage the people
you have contacted to vote and help us measure of our
success in actually turning out more voters. 

The winning posters in the Community Health Vote GOTV Poster
Contest are now available for order at https://www.nationsprint.

Don't forget you can also direct your staff and others to use our
online registration portal, accessible in both English and Spanish.
Even if you are not registering new voters, directing staff and patients
to our online portal will allow anyone who wants or needs reminders
and information about voting in their state the opportunity to receive
this information.

There is still time for you and your health center to be a part of this
historic effort to engage our communities. Let us know what you are doing.

Marc Wetherhorn
Senior Director, Advocacy and Civic Engagement