Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Are Ramarley...


On Thursday, August 30, 2012, we joined members of the community and Mr. Andy King at the Youth Rally in memory of Ramarley Graham. Those of you who are unaware, on February 2, 2012 Ramarley Graham, an 18 year old unarmed young Jamaican man was fatally shot in front of his younger brother and his grandmother, inside of his Bronx house on 229th Street, by a New York City Police Officer. He was later pronounced dead at Montefiore Medical Center.

Today's Youth Rally took place in front of Ramarley's 229th Street house, where the shooting took place. Many young people came out to show their hurt, respect and demand for justice for Ramarley. People with talent expressed themselves through poetry, song, and speech. Others showed their pain and unity by just being present. You could definitely feel the community coming together and standing for something. Mr. Andy King has been very supportive of the Graham family, he was asked to give an opening prayer and say a few words to the youth. The crowd accepted him with open arms and thanked him for being a part of the community. It was a priceless moment for all of us. It wasn't about campaigning or "running", it was about the common cause, fighting for justice for every"Ramarley Graham" out there. We need to hold our "protectors", or police officers, accountable for their unnecessary reactions to different situations; Ramarley being one of those situations. We stood together in unity out on 229th Street and everyone felt the spirit of Ramarley. 

Mr. King steps into the community as a neighbor, a family member, a friend! Not a "candidate! He is unselfish and thats the kind of representative we need in the 12th District of the Bronx.