Sunday, August 26, 2012

Communication Workers Of America Local 1101 Endorses KING!

Political Director Pat Welsh,
Candidate For New York City Council Andy L. King,
President Keith Purce
CWA Local 1101 gives their endorsement to, Candidate For New York City Council 12th District of the Bronx, Mr. Andy King.

King is proving that he is the right person for the job when it comes to representing the 12th District of the Bronx. What he stands for and his consistency of putting community first is why supporters are backing him; he is of the people and for the people, so the message rings loud and clear. What we know so far is that Mr. King is busy on the campaign trail making his presence felt, but this is not something new for Candidate King. The 12th District has been home for him all his life, and his non-profit youth program Y.E.P (Youth Empowerment Program) based out of his home in the 12th District, so-to-say, he is what all the reports are talking about "Andy King brings unity to his community". CWA Local 1101 had no problem with giving Mr. King their endorsement. On Sunday August 26, 2012 Andy King was invited to a softball event hosted by CWA Local 1101 where he accepted the endorsement proudly from President Keith Purce and Political Director Pat Welsh of CWA Local 1101.